Parade Grand Marshal

Meet Guy Harshbarger, our 2018 Black Berry Jam Grand Marshal!

After Serving four years in the US Air Force Guy met Cheryl Williams in the fall of 1977. They were married in the Lowell Church on the corner of Moss and East Lake View August of 1978.

Guy has lived in Fall Creek since the fall of 1978 with Cheryl, a 4th generation Fall Creek/Lowell resident. They have 4 children: Justin and Courtney of Meridian, ID, parents of our 3 Grandchildren; Kyle and Gricelda of Fall Creek (Harsh Customs); Barry of Fall Creek, and Sam of Fall Creek. All Four of the children are third generation graduates of the Lowell School District following Cheryl and Grandpa Doug.

In March of 1986 (while working at Lane Community College /1984-2001) Guy joined the Lowell RFPD. He responded out of the Fall Creek Fire Station along with 3 other volunteers, to be a firefighter only, wanting nothing to do with medical. He was promoted to Captain by Chief Jan Mann.

But in 1988 he found out that the medical call out numbered the fire calls and became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 1. About the same time the State Fire Marshall mandated all volunteers become certified Basic Firefighters, Guy attended Goshen RFPD classes along with the Coburg Chief Chad Minter.

In 1989/90 Guy became an EMT 2 and had decided to make a career of the Fire Service and started testing for Metro Departments. Finding it hard to be hired without a Paramedic certificate he went back to school to get his EMT 3 in 1992 then Paramedic in 1993. He continued to Volunteer as a Captain/Paramedic with Lowell until May of 2001.

In the fall of 2000, two volunteers with Dexter RFPD approached Guy to come help them with training. October of 2000 at a meeting with the Board, he was informed that they didn’t just need training but a Fire Chief too. The job offer was made and with Guy working ½ time until May of 2001 when it became a full time position.

Starting with 4 volunteers and one student intern they were able to rebuild the District to a respected Volunteer Organization. Purchasing new apparatus, doing a remodel and an addition to the station, and training future Firefighter’s and Paramedics were some of the most memorable accomplishments.

Guy retired from full time in Dec of 2014. He returned Jan 2015 as half time Administrator/Fire Chief after hiring a full time Firefighter at the District. In Oct of 2017 Guy re-retired and started his full time occupation as retired.

After 4 months of retirement Guy was offered a position of Park Ranger with the BLM Lakeview Resource Area in April and is stationed at the Fort Rock Guard Station in charge of the North Sector. This includes sites to such as the Wilderness Study Areas (Devils Garden, Squaw Ridge, Green Mt, Four Craters (Crack in the Ground) and The Lost Forest), to name a few. Not to leave out his favorite site the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes. So total retirement may be out there somewhere.